Shop Online With Caution

I have luckily shopped on line for a while now with no problems and I suppose I got rather complacent, however a recent experience with using Mr Cloud's t-shirt website has been a real wake-up call and I shall be more careful in the future.

From my experience Mr Cloud (Craig Hesmondhalgh of 46 Adelphi St, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 4AF) appears to take the customer's money and doesn't send the goods paid for blaming it on the postal service.

He offers no apologies just excuses and false promises. If they kick up enough fuss he refunds them after a long period of time.

This wouldn't be allowed to happen on the physical high street, why then is this allowed to happen on the virtual high street?

Since people are now using the internet for shopping more and more and turning to the high street less, what is being done to combat dodgy online traders?

I feel there should be some kind of regulations/standards that online companies have to meet to be able to trade. If they meet these standards they could be given a logo to display on their site proving they are legitimate and be put on a list that the consumer can check back with to be sure they are not going to be ripped off, or receive a less than desirable standard of service.

At the moment it seems anyone can set up an online shop and take your money and therefore, I advise consumers to thoughly check out any trader they are considering purchasing from and don't make my mistake of getting complacent.
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